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This modification is discontinued.
Some features already are included in MMMod.

Nintendont Themes

MasterMod allows you to download multiple themes in the updates menu. Offered are 16 gradient themes, 16 simple themes and 16 dark themes. You can also place NinBackLight.png, NinBackDark.png or NinBack.png in the boot.dol folder.

Loader Themes

You can download Loader themes with this Mod. You can also place NinBackBars.png or NinBackNoBar.png in the boot.dol folder. This will show a custom background with a loading bar (loading bar will show up with NinBackBars.png) instead of a splash screen. It is recommended that you use a Nintendont theme and a Loader theme at the same time.

Custom Game Loader Themes

Custom game background loader themes are available for download for ALL GameCube games. They will appear when the game boots and come with or without a loading bar.

Theme Features

This mod has a big theme menu included. It allows you to download everything you need for this mod like BIOS files or generating simple Nintendont themes.

Other Functions

Implemented are a credits page as well as a setting to disable HDD pinging.

Want to try other mods?

You can also download MMMod and the original Nintendont right from the update menu, as well as older revisions of MasterMod.

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