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MMMod is formerly known as Mr. Mysterio's Mod

GameCube BIOS Animation

MMMod renders an animation which looks like the original GameCube BIOS before every game launch. It's perfect if you can't find the BIOS files or want to feel the nostalgia on vWii when starting PAL games.

Custom Background

To use a custom background in Nintendont's menus, just place a background.png or background.jpg inside your Nintendont folder with a resolution of 640x480 pixels.
MMMod is also capable of using MasterMods background themes like NinBack.png. MasterMods backgrounds have higher priority than MMMods backgrounds.

Loader Themes

Simply place NinBackBars.png or NinBackNoBar.png in your boot.dol folder. This will show a custom background with a loading bar (loading bar will show up with NinBackBars.png) instead of Nintendont's regular splash screen.

Custom Game Loader Themes

MasterMods custom game background loader themes are now working for ALL GameCube games. They will appear when the game boots and come with or without a loading bar.
Create a folder named 'CustomGameLoader' inside your Nintendont folder and place files named after the following scheme: GAMEID3.png for themes without loading bar and GAMEID3X.png for themes with loading bar. (for example GZLX.png for WindWaker theme with loading bar)

Custom Text Color

You may specify a custom text color by placing the color's hexadecimal RGBA value in 'textcolor.ini' located inside your Nintendont folder. (For example, "0000FFFF" is BLUE).
You can find RGB values on this website. The value of 'A' is recommended to be 'FF'.

Want to try other mods?

You can also download MasterMod and the original Nintendont right from the update menu.

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